CISD In-Service 2020-2022

CISD In-Service Professional Development Training

The following sessions may be completed individually at school or at home:

ESSA School, Community and Family Relations Training:

1A.) ESSA School, Community and Family Relations

The following is required of all staff members:

School Districts in the state of Texas are required by SB and SB3.0041 to provide training to teachers and other staff members on both Mental Health/Suicide Prevention and Child Sexual Abuse Prevention.  The links below meet those requirements.  Please complete and sign off in the principal’s office.


#2 – (Suicide Prevention and Mental Health):

2A.) SB 460 Suicide Prevention and Mental Health

2B.) SB 460 Mandated Module

2C.) Case Study Gabby

Suicide Prevention-Assessing Suicide Risk and Taking Proper Action:

2D.) Suicide Prevention


#3 – (Child Sexual Abuse Prevention):

3A.) Child Abuse How to Recognize

3B.) SB3.0041 Child Sexual Abuse Prevention

Introduction to Bloodborne Pathogens:

4A.) Bloodborne Pathogen Training

5A.) Special Education Confidentiality Training

5B.) Dyslexia 101

5C.) Centerville ISD 504 Training

5D.) Gifted and Talented Training

#6 – Child Abuse, Bullying, Cyberbullying & Human Trafficking Information

***Two hours of training on Suicide Prevention are required.***

Go to and follow these steps:

  • Click on GET INVOLVED (top of page)
  • Click Educator
  • Click Professional Development
  • Choose your state
  • View course options
  • Choose two 1-hour courses or one 2-hour course
  • Complete one or more courses (no limit)
  • Print out documentation of participation

6A.) Human Trafficking for Education Professionals

7A.) Bullying and Harassment in Our Schools

8A.) Bullying, Cyberbullying, Child Abuse, and Human Trafficking